Tamara Visković

[Youth Centre / Multimedia Cultural Centre – Split, Croatia]

(Exploring Openness – Institutional Innovation & Common Resources: A Survey of Practices, pt 1, 21 Jan, 10.30 – 12.30)

Graduated philosophy and art history from the Faculty of Philosophy, the University of Zadar (1991); Holds MA in literature, course in cultural studies, at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb (2008); Presently working on PhD thesis. Since 1991 has been continuously working on cultural programmes organisation and production, first at the position of a HDLU associate and then, at the position of the Split Multimedia Centre programme Manager (1999 – 2005). As curator cooperates with a number of various institutions and associations. Until 2004 worked as a member of the Split Film Festival organisation board, responsible for the new media segment. From 2005 to 2009 was taking the position of the City of Split Authority member responsible for culture. Since December 2009 has been reemployed at he Multimedia Centre Split. Since 1993 is publishing articles and essays in the field of music and visual art criticism, and popular art in general.

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