Sanja Iveković

[Artist, Zagreb, Croatia]

(in conversation with Suzana Milevska, 22 Jan, 16.00 – 17.30)

Sanja Iveković graduated The Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb where she lives and works.The analysis of identity constructions in media as well as political engagement, solidarity and activism belong to her artistic strategies. In the late eighties she was a founder and a member of a number of women’s non-government organizations in Croatia such as Elektra- Women’s Art Centre, The Centre for Women’s Studies, B.a.B.e – the women’s human rights group. Her work from the 1990s deals with the collapse of socialist regimes and the consequences of the triumph of capitalism and the market economy over living conditions, particularly of women. She has been awarded the grants by Canada Council Grant for the Visiting artists (1979, 1982, 1994), the Arts Link Grant (USA), DAAD (Germany), OCA (Oslo), Recollets (France).

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