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Here you can find all necessary practical information to get around the conference and Zagreb. We hope that this will be helpful. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Although we were putting a lot of effort into conference program, we didn’t forget the importance of socializing. Therefore, there is a welcome party on Thursday and another one prepared by [KONTEJNER] on Saturday.  Moreover, we arranged a special promo discount for your night clubbing – 50% discount with the conference pass (name-tag) for  Medika, Mochvara and Sirup (Discount is for participants who were invited or registered in advance). Find more information and recommendations below.

Please note that we have to strictly follow conference timing as well as bus schedule.

Registration & Administration
Conference participants will be able to register at the conference desk at the venue starting Thursday, January 20 from 14 – 16 h .

All participants that need reimbursement of the travel costs and such will be able to do so at the administration desk at the following hours:
Thursday, January 20 14.00 – 16.00 h
Friday, January 21 9.30 – 11.00 h
Saturday, January 22 11.00 – 12.30 h
Sunday, January 23 10.30 – 11.00 h


Venue for the conference is Pogon – Jedinstvo,  a former factory that is now a cultural venue, a part of Pogon – Center for Independent Culture and Youth. Pogon Jedinstvo is based south from the city center. The address is: Trnjanski nasip bb. View on map.
Wireless broadband access will be available at the venue.

The participants  are accommodated at the Hotel Laguna. Participants whose accommodation is provided by organizers should note that all room incidentals (drinks from the mini-bar, phone calls, etc.) are on them.
The address of the hotel is Kranjčevićeva 29 and the phone number is +385-(0)1-3047000. View on map.

Organized buses to the venue and back
There will be conference buses taking you from the hotel to the venue, and back to the hotel on each day of the conference. Bus schedule from the hotel to the venue is as follows:
– Thursday: 14.30 h
– Friday: 9.00 h
– Saturday: 12.00 h
– Sunday: 10.00 h

Bus schedule from the venue back to to the hotel is as follows:
– Thursday: 23.00 h
– Friday: 20.00 h
– Saturday: 22.30 h

Getting to the hotel:
To get to the hotel from the airport, take the shuttle bus downtown to the central bus station (30 HRK), get on the tram no. 2  or 6 direction Črnomerec, get off at the third stop at the Main station (Glavni kolodvor) and change to the tram no. 9 direction Ljubljanica. Get off at the fourth stop Badalićeva. Hotel is around the block.
To get from the central bus or central railway stations follow the same instructions.

Getting to the venue via public transport

From the Central square (Trg bana Jelačića)
Take the tram number 13, direction Žitnjak. Get off at the Lisinski station (you will see Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall on your left side), 9 stops later. Cross the Vukovarska avenue, and walk towards South trough Hrvatske bratske zajednice street (walk on Western side of the street) until you reach crossing with Slavonska avenue. Continue walking South via Većeslava Holjevca street (a bridge). Turn right when you see the stairs, walk down and reach Trnjanska cesta. Walk until you reach the venue. Consult the map.

From the Main station (Glavni kolodvor)
Get down at the Importanne passage at the Main station and turn left right after escalator to get out on Paromlinska street. Continue walking straight towards South until you reach Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall. Cross the Vukovarska avenue and continue via same route described above. Consult the map.

From the Bus station (Autobusni kolodvor)
Take the tram number 5, direction Prečko. Get off at the Lisinski station (you will see Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall on your right side), 4 stops later. Cross the Vukovarska avenue and continue via same route described above. Consult the map.


Getting to the central square:
It takes cca. 30 minutes to the central square from the venue, combination of walking and public transportation. For explanation, ask organizers. You can also consult the map.
From the hotel take the tram nr. 12 (direction Dubrava) and get off 6 stops later at Trg bana Jelačića. Or you may walk (20 minutes on foot).

Public transport in Zagreb
Public transport network in Zagreb is quite ramified and consists of trams, buses and trains. Wider city center is mostly covered by trams (map) which operate very frequently. Single fare costs 8 HRK if bought outside the tram car (in most of the news stands) and 10 HRK if bough on the tram car, while a 24 hour ticket costs 24 HRK. You can also pay single fare by sending SMS containtig “ZG” to number (++385) 8585. You should receive SMS confirmation. The price is 10 HRK + fare of SMS. Night transport (map) fares are double prices.
As the city center is quite compact, it’s also easy to get around on foot.

You can use taxi at any time to get you anywhere around the city. Taxis are quite frequent, but not cheap. Taxi ride in the city during daytime (05 – 22 h) costs 7-10 Euro per ride (40-70 HRK). The price from the airport to the hotel is 25-30 Euro (around 200 HRK) – at the airport ask for price in advance.  Night rides (22 – 05 h) and Sundays are 30 % more expensive. The local phone number for taxi is 060800800.

Breakfast is available at the hotel. At the conference, meals will be organized at the times scheduled at the conference program. All participants that have registered for the conference will be given meal coupons at the registration desk at the venue. Make sure you don’t lose your coupons.
If you’re looking for recommendations or directions to restaurants, feel free to ask the members of organization team.

Relax time and nightife
Club Mochvara right next to the conference venue will serve as a daily bar during days of the conference, as well as one of the conference night clubs.
For those who like electronic music, club Sirup is the best choice. During days of the conference (Friday, Saturday) Sirup offers happy hour drink price (50% off from 23 to 01) .
For more off atmosphere visit legalized squat AKC Medika.

All three clubs: Mochvara, Sirup and Medika offer special promo prices for registered participants of the conference (50% off at the entrance – show your name tag).

Also, you can spend your evenings in the Student Center’s (SC) bar Yoryk at the address Savska cesta 25.

Most of bars in the city center (around central square) are open till 1 or 2 a.m. There are many options around Preradović Square (known in Zagreb as Cvjetni trg). For a more quiet evening and good selection of beers go to to jazz bar B.P. Club (Teslina 7). Northern to the central square you’ll find street full of bars – Tkalčićeva. If you would like to taste homemade grapas and liquers go to Grapperia Cica Bar (Tkalčićeva 18).  For easy-going clubbing go a bit up and find FUNK Club on the same side of the street (Tkalčićeva 52). You can also check kafe bar Kolaž  near main square (Amruševa 11) for a great clubbing atmosphere (opened till 2 AM).
Near to the hotel (10 minutes walk) you’ll find a bar Sedmica (Kačićeva 7) where locals choose to hang-out. It’s a gathering point with easy-going atmosphere, a good beer and grappa selection.
For a great atmosphere (opened till 20), check Booksa (Martićeva 14d) – coolest book club to be found in Zagreb, a recomendation for any saturday morning, let alone this one. On Saturdays, Booksa opens at 11 AM.

For directions to clubs, bars, etc. consult the map.

While the wireless internet connection is available only in the hotel lobby, in rooms you can always use dial-up services. All larger ISPs offer guest dial-up accounts. You can use following guest dial-accounts:
ISKON: dial number: 076410000, uname: gost passwd: gost
T-com: dial number: 077200000 uname: gost passwd: gost
Wireless broadband connectivity will be available at the venue.

Currency and exchange rate
Croatian national currency is Kuna (HRK). It is relatively stable and the exchange rate is around 1 € = 7.4 KN, US$ 1 USD = 5.6 KN, and UK£1 = 8.7 KN. Any bank will give you a fair exchange rate with a relatively low commissioning fee, exchange offices even more so. You can withdraw cash also from ubiquitous ATMs. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted and commonly used.

You’ll find that Zagreb is very safe. Street crime is rare, but you should keep a sensible eye on your belongings. The conference will be a public event and there might be many people, so please keep an eye on your belongings.

Contacts and important phone numbers
Country dial code for Croatia is +385, and 1 for Zagreb. To place an international call from Croatia dial prefix is 00. Emergency phone number is 112.
In case you need to contact organizer, the number is:
Katarina Pavić: +385-(0)91 25 82 567

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