OKC Abrašević

At this conference OKC Abrašević is represented by Marko Tomaš, PR & Manager

Alekse Šantića 25, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
www.okcabrasevic.org & www.abrasmedia.info
Contact: Kristina Ćorić

social/community center (art, culture, but also other fields)
non-profit association / NGO, established in 2004 by a group of citizens

OKC Abrašević is a youth cultural centre. Its main activities are organizing cultural events such as concerts, exhibitions, theatre, and literary evenings. Abrašević has also established the AbrasMedia centre and AbArt production. Its media centre promotes new media with an Internet radio station, an independent new portal and newly-established video production. AbArt deals with contemporary art, its most important project being Art In Divided Cities.

OKC Abrašević

Decision-making: Decisions are made by all Abrašević employees. The management team consists of 7 employees who discuss all ideas received from the team itself and from young people who would like to do projects in our Centre.

Organizational openness: Anyone, but anyone, can come and suggest a project. If we find an outside project interesting, we help artists and activists implement it by offering our infrastructure and professional assistance.

Venue/s / resources:

  • There is one multi-functional public/club space of 500 m2, with a capacity of 500–600.
  • Yard space is around 1000 m2, accommodating 1000–1200 visitors.
  • Other spaces are offices, temporarily based in a construction container.

We also own a ruined building which is intended as a future office and conference space.

OKC Abrašević

Budget: less than €100.000.

Co-productions: We are cooperating with one independent theatre group, which is creating the play while we seek funding and assist with the production. We also work with Sarajevo Open Centre in organizing film projections that promoting national film repertoires and non-commercial movies.

Hosting: Hosting follows no one usual model but always depends on a program’s specific needs.

Services: We are the home of Zelena glava (Green Head), an organization that promotes ecology and sport in nature, and we give them office space to work on projects. We also provide rehearsal space for several local bands.

International collaboration: Until now, we have only cooperated in promoting specific events run by our international partners. For instance, for the last 4 years we have been the home of the Vivisect festival which was originally organized in Novi Sad, Serbia.

OKC Abrašević

Gathering citizens: Over the last few years we have organized debates on topics such as urbanism in Mostar, youth violence, and reproductive health.

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