Miško Šuvaković

[University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia]

Status and Priorities of Art’s Institutional Critique

(Keynote, 21 Jan, 18.00 – 19.30)

The lecture will introduce the concept of „new critical theory“ of art. It will thematize various concepts of institutional critique (Dickie, Foucault, Raunig, Agamben) and its application in interpretation of the status and function of art. The following issues will be discussed: competences of the institution, appropriational institutions, ideologies of the institution, discourse of the institution, apparatus of the institution and the institution as postmedia.

Miško Šuvaković was born in 1954 in Belgrade. He was a co-founder and member of conceptual artistic Group 143 (1975-1980), a co-founder and member of informal theory and art group “Community for Space Investigation” (1982-1989), and is a member of platform for performing arts theory and practice Walking theory (TkH, from 2000). He is a professor of aesthetics and theory of art at the Faculty of Music and Interdisciplinary studies at the University of Arts, Belgrade. He published numerous essays and books in Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, German, Hungarian, Chinese and English languages: Impossible Histories (2003, 2006), Epistemology of Art (2008), Konceptualna umetnost (2008), The Clandestine Histories of The OHO Group (2010).

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