Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana

Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljane

At this conference, the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana is represented by Blaž Peršin, Director.

Gosposka 15, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Contact: Blaž Peršin

visual arts centre / gallery / museum
public institution (governed by public law), established in 2009 by the City Council

The institution Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana has unified two previously separate institutions: the City Museum of Ljubljana and the Ljubljana City Gallery.

The city of Ljubljana is a showcase of changing times and the City Museum of Ljubljana its main meeting point. With the Museum’s collection, preservation, documentation, research, and presentation of the cultural heritage of Ljubljana and the lives of its people over several thousand years of history, we provide our visitors with the opportunity for a personal yet active experience of collective memory. With its openness and access, its information and interpretation, the City Museum of Ljubljana has become an indispensable source of knowledge of the past and of an understanding of today’s Ljubljana and the wider Slovenia. The City Museum of Ljubljana is the leading institution in the field of preventive conservation and museum informatization in Slovenia. The Museum was the first to present the norms and standards of interdisciplinary museum processing to experts in Slovenia and it also raises awareness of preventive conservation among the general public. The museum cooperates with other museums and cultural or artistic institutions to stage temporary exhibitions or other events, thus enriching the museum as a place for creative socializing and offering a wide range of cultural events.

The Ljubljana City Gallery (Mestna galerija Ljubljana) provides a public service with exhibitions of modern and contemporary visual art in Slovenia and abroad and consequently has the status of a national regional museum of fine arts. The gallery’s activities comprise its own and traveling exhibitions, both solo and group, retrospectives and studies, featuring Slovenian and foreign artists from all over the world. A special exhibition program is dedicated to occasional tours abroad, for the most part on a reciprocal basis or else organized at the invitation of foreign museums and galleries. The Ljubljana City Gallery promotes the visual arts by producing publications and prints. Publications include books, magazines and periodicals, brochures, leaflets, and – first and foremost – exhibition catalogues. In addition, the gallery issues photographic prints, graphic prints, postcards, posters, and CDs. It also organizes seminars, lectures, art workshops, fair shows, and cultural events compatible with its main activities.

Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana

Decision-making: We are a public institution .We have a board appointed by the City Council and a board of experts for programming. The institution is led by a director and a department of artistic directors.

Organizational openness: It is very important to establish a system for sharing ideas and communication with the surroundings in which you operate and for delivering the networking system’s message to NGOs and other actors the in public sphere.

Venue/s / resources:
Besides the main museum building, the City Museum of Ljubljana also has an exhibition/event venue, the Vžigalica Gallery, and a conservation centre, ŠČIT, alongside four other units in Ljubljana; the Ivan Cankar Memorial Room on Rožnik; two archeological parks (the Early Christian Place of Worship and the Emonian House), and the Tobacco Museum. The newly-renovated Auersperg Palace offers beautiful premises with state-of-the-art equipment for conferences, receptions, and other events. The museum also contains a museum shop with superb replicas of museum exhibits and useful and decorative objects and the museum café, which embodies the synergy of the past and the present.

The museum as an institution of public service with 29 employees and external co-workers is financed by the Ministry of Culture.

Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana

The Ljubljana City Gallery operates at four locations:

  • in its original building at Mestni trg 5 (ML1);
  • in the building housing the gallery’s permanent collection at Cankarjevo nabrežje 11/I (ML2);
  • in the Bežigrajska galerija 1 at Dunajska 31 (BG1);
  • and in the Bežigrajska galerija 2 at Vodovodna 3 (BG2).

The staff of the Ljubljana City Gallery consists of its management, its administration, its curators, and its technical and security team.

Budget: more than €500.000.

Co-productions: We have a special system of co-production with NGOs to give them our public space in our premises with different projects initiated by them or us. We also publish a special tender/public call for the Vžigalica Gallery, which is dedicated to projects by different NGO cultural operators.

Hosting: We have a special hire policy for cultural organizations where we are not co-producers in a project, offering a much lower price than a profit-making operation.

Services: We have recently started an artist-in-residence project, which will open in March. We are very interested in different panel discussions, workshops, and events which provide open platforms for new ideas in our framework of action.

International collaboration: We are involved in several European projects (Second Chance, Grundvig….) We have a network of partners covering different topics and are particularly interested in smaller but efficient project-oriented networks.

Participation: We do a lot of these events which are organized by us or externally. This is one of our main task forces.

Gathering citizens: We have several projects for younger and older citizens, including the Tell Me Your Story project.

Neighborhood: One project initiated last year, Cultural Quarter, is based on the idea of establishing tighter collaboration with our nearest neighborhood.

Municipality: Relations are appropriate and, of course, essential. We were founded by the City.

Advocacy / activism: We are not directly involved in such actions, but we support them through projects organized in our premises.

Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana

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