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Centar za nove & Omladinski centar CK13

At this conference CK13 is represented by its founding member,, represented by Branka Čurčić, Program Director. Braće Mogin 2, Novi Sad, Serbia
CK13: Vojvode Bojovića 13, Novi Sad, Serbia
Contact: Branka Ćurčić

social/community center (art, culture, but also other fields) is a non-profit association / NGO, established in 2001 by a group of professional artists

CK13 is a non-profit association / NGO, established in 2007 by a group of organizations and individuals

New Media is an independent cultural organization, which since 2001 has been bringing together artists, theoreticians, media activists, researchers, and the wider public in researching new media technologies, cultural relations, contemporary artistic practice, and youth and cultural policies. So far, it has organized more than 100 public events, including lectures and presentations by visiting artists and theorists; workshops; publishing projects; exhibitions and conferences. actively participates in several regional and international networks and collaborative projects, one being a local network of cultural practitioners called “For Culture Policies – Politics of Culture”. For the last two years, has taken an active part in several artist-in-residency programs, and it also collaborates with several public cultural institutions in Serbia.

Together with several local independent youth and culture organizations, established the CK13 Youth Centre in Novi Sad in 2007. CK13 is an alternative and educative space dedicated to encouraging and developing social engagement and activism. Its establishment was supported by the German foundation Schüler Helfen Leben. Today CK13 and the organizations gathered around it conduct various cultural and social events, such as workshops, concerts, film screenings, and intercultural evenings. - main room: workshop space & part of the library

Decisions are made on a common basis, by discussion among’s members, regarding programming, funding, partnerships, visions, obstacles, and so on. Since is one of the founding organizations responsible for the management of the CK13 Youth Center, its members are also involved in making decisions about the venue’s management, funding (and administration), and programming. Members take part in board work depending on their level of involvement.

Various organizations and individuals are involved in the Youth Centre’s work, according to 3 recognizable models: a) an organization uses office and/or program space and organizes public events; b) an organization uses office and/or program space and participates in maintaining technical requirements; c) individuals (program directors for: music, public talks, screenings, education; managers/organizers).

Organizational openness: we plan and realize programs in collaboration with other organizations and individuals; we involve organizations and individuals in developing project content; we share and match fundraising; we provide and offer spatial and technical support to other organizations and individuals.

Venue/s / resources: around 90 m2 containing 2 offices, production/residential/library room (former public space).

CK13 Youth Center: around 200 m2 with courtyard, containing: fully equipped club/public space (with the bar), production room, info service, (public) kitchen, residential room, offices and meeting space.

public event at Youth Center CK13

Budget: less than €100.000.


In the activities of, co-production means common program and project development, and/or fundraising, and/or realizing part or all of a project.

The activities of the CK13 Youth Center include free use of program space and offices for all organizations and individuals in exchange for management of the Center, programming, and technical support.

Hosting: The activities of the CK13 Youth Center include free use of program space and offices for all organizations and individuals in exchange for management of the Center, programming, and technical support. Running costs are paid partly through bar income and partly from project money.

Services: and the CK13 Youth Center provide free server space for hosting other organizations’ and artists’ web presentations and free access to the archive, library, and research material.

International collaboration: International collaboration is very important for in particular, since it combines a mixture of content relevance and exchange that sometimes cannot be found locally with the opportunity to raise more substantial funding for the program and fees for people involved in those programs.

public event at Youth Center CK13, backyard

Participation: We are trying to involve citizens in most of the models mentioned above: in conversation with artists and cultural workers, as correspondents in specific exhibitions (such as the invitation to citizens to help gather information about urban transformation of the city within the project “A(u)ction – Novi Sad’s Log of Spaces Between Personal Interests and Public Needs”), in different kinds of workshops (radio and/or video activism workshops, CMS workshops), etc.

Gathering citizens: A Public Kitchen project at the CK13 Youth Center offers low-priced meals to everyone and also gathers a large group of volunteers for organization and food preparation. The project is run by the Youth Center’s organizers and volunteers.

Neighborhood: In the case of CK13, the Public Kitchen project is also dealing with the neighborhood.

Municipality: Our relationship with local government is very difficult and unproductive. There is no real line of communication and it does not consider the third/independent cultural sector important, problems which are aggravated by strong bureaucracy and clientelism. The city’s independent cultural sector has attempted to organize (in the network “For Cultural Policies – Politics of Culture”) and to react to those phenomena, but so far this has not provoked any structural change in the local government’s relations with the sector.

Advocacy / activism: As an example, two initiatives are running in parallel: the exhibition “A(u)ction – Novi Sad’s Log of Spaces Between Personal Interests and Public Needs” (by and STEALTH.unlimited) which points out precisely these phenomena of clientelism, private interests, privatizations, and so on, and an initiative to lobby the city council to establish and build a new cultural institution in Novi Sad (by reconstructing the disused sport stadium).

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