Drugo more & Molekula

At this conference Molekula is represented by its founding member, Drugo more, represented by Davor Mišković, President of Drugo more.

Delta 5, 51000 Rijeka
www.drugo-more.hr & www.molekula.org
Contact: Davor Mišković & Ivana Katić

cultural center (arts and other cultural activities)
Drugo more is a non-profit association / NGO, established in 1999 by a group of citizens
Molekula was initiated by the group of NGOs, started as a project in 2005, and established as an association in 2007, when it moved to its current space

The Other Sea / Drugo more is a nonprofit organization that works in the field of culture. Most of our programs are thematic and we try to explore certain topics of social interest, producing an artistic and theoretical program that gives further insight in the topic. Also, we are continually facilitating an exchange of information between local and international artists, experts, students, and audiences. In reality, that means our main activities are visual and performing arts production, promotion, implementing research in the field of culture, and organizing participatory and educational events such as conferences and seminars.

Molekula is the name of the venue but also of the association of six non-profit organizations that share the space of approximately 550 m2. That`space contains our offices, gallery, library, and dance studio.


Decision-making: Molekula has a coordination team that meets every two weeks. Whereas it previously had a coordinator (one person responsible for taking practical decisions, coordinating of the program and coordinating members), we now rely only on the coordination team and one team member who coordinates the team itself. Strategic decisions are taken by an Assembly and the president of the Molekula association is responsible for implementing them. Since Molekula does not have its own program and budget, the overall volume of duties and responsibility is not so big.

Organizational openness: While Molekula does not have its own program, the association members (six nonprofit organizations) conduct many activities there. The dance studio is in daily use for educational programs, training, and rehearsals. The gallery also has a full program of 6–7 exhibitions per year and other public events (workshops, lectures, debates, etc.). Molekula’s other two venues contain weekly concert and literature programs. Beside this program, Molekula is also open to programming by organizations that do not belong to the association. However, these collaborations happen quite rarely, for several reasons of which the most important is the program profile and its criteria.

Venue/s / resources: A former dockside storehouse, very close to the city center. We use one floor of the building – a space of approximately 550 m2 shared by six associations – which contains our offices, gallery, library and dance studio. The space is owned by the City of Rijeka, and we all pay rent and overheads. The costs are not split equally between each organization but depend on usage of the space and the financial capacity of the organization.


Budget: less than €100.000.

Co-productions: Molekula is sometimes involved in production, but only in low-budget productions (where we just donate free space and know-how).

Hosting: Other organizations could quite easily access Molekula. They just need to e-mail anybody who belongs to a member organization and the question will be forwarded to the coordination team who will decide about hosting the program. The whole procedure takes at least two weeks.

International collaboration: International collaboration is important for the members of Molekula. For example, for Drugo more it is of critical importance because all our programs are international and we receive support for such collaboration. It is not of such importance for Molekula itself because Molekula does not produce any program of its own.

Participation: Much of our program involves citizens as active participants in cultural life. We organize debates and conversations with artists, curators, directors, and theoreticians.


Municipality: Molekula has quite good relations with local government. We hire the space from the City under very good rental conditions. Moreover, local government gives support to almost all the activities and programs organized by members of Molekula.

Advocacy / activism: Sometimes. For instance, Molekula was a direct result of our advocacy and lobbying activities, which included research, round tables, communication with media, etc.

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