Dejan Ubović

[Cultural Front / European Centre for Culture and Debate GRAD, Belgrade, Sebia]

(Exploring Openness – Institutional Innovation & Common Resources: A Survey of Practices, pt 1, 21 Jan, 10.30 – 12.30)

He studied anthropology and project management in Belgrade. By establishing Cultural Front in 2000 he puts his knowledge into practical work. Same year he initiated project Cross Radio, which is the first media project after the war in ex Yugoslavia that still lasts, connecting 14 cities of the whole region. Besides that he also launched the festival of documentary film, project of re-socialization of the ex prisoners through art, Festival of Light (Belgrade of Light), Nordic summer cooperation programme with five Nordic countries, Balkan Beat – Balkan music conference, as well as the Forum Belgrade conference, in cooperation with A Soul for Europe initiative. Finally, in 2008 he initiated the European centre for culture and debate, which was open in old industrial building in centre of Belgrade. The centre called Grad and in first 18 months has 48.000 visitors during more than 320 events.

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