Bunker & The Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana

Bunker & Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana

At this conference Bunker & The Old Power Station are represented by

Alma R. Selimović, ProjectManager and Communications Officer.

Slomškova 11, 1000 Ljubljana
Contact: Alma R. Selimović

performing arts center / theater
non-profit association / NGO, established in 1997 by Nevenka Koprivšek

Bunker produces and presents contemporary theater and dance performances, organizes educational programs, carries out various research methods in the field of culture, and brings together one of the most noted international festivals, the Mladi levi festival.

Bunker’s aim is to refresh and invigorate the Slovene cultural space with innovative approaches. We encourage the mobility of artists and their works both in Slovenia and abroad and promote the intertwining of different art disciplines. We create a space which allows the exchange of experiences, knowledge, and interests among artists and various audiences. Bunker tries to stimulate discussions regarding various artistic practices and subjects; and to create artistic programs and events that reflect upon topical social, ecological, political, and cultural issues.

From 2004 Bunker has been managing the Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana in Ljubljana, an old power station converted into a venue for performing arts.

Nevenka Koprivšek, artistic director
Mojca Jug, programmer of Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Lljubljana
Most of the decisions are taken within the team (7 people).

Organizational openness: We are open not just to different aesthetic practices and approaches but also to different production modes and to connecting art to other fields of human action: politics, environmental issues, health, education…

Bunker / The Old Power Station

Venue/s / resources:

  • Dvorana (venue, hall): 25m x 15m, seating available for 200 people
  • Foyer (used for ticket sales, press conferences, receptions, exhibitions): not heated during the winter
  • Toilets (not suitable for disabled people)
  • Basement (storage space, toilets and showers for artists and wardrobes)
  • Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana is not fully equipped with the necessary technical resources for performing arts (lights, beamers …).

Budget: the budget of the entire organization is more than €500,000. The venue’s budget is €200,000.

Co-productions: Running a venue that hosts productions and festivals by Ljubljana NGOs is a sort of co-production. We provide space and (within certain limits) technical, organizational, and promotional support.

Services: I would not call it “service”, but we are trying to join the (public and private) cultural organizations in our district into an association and are actively encouraging and facilitating the process of forming this.

Bunker / The Old Power Station

International collaboration: Very important. We are part of numerous networks that give us a wider frame of work and also provide us with new ideas and practices plus spaces for exchange and cooperation. International cooperation also takes place on the level of touring our productions, hosting international works within the scope of our festivals and producing artworks with international co-producers.

Participation: Our main focus is to target groups that are left on the margins as cultural “users”: young, elderly, immediate local residents.

Bunker / The Old Power Station

Neighborhood: We invite our neighbors to general rehearsals. Within our activities in the Sostenuto project, we organize activities targeting the immediate neighborhood: we create gardens and we are reinventing parks and streets through artistic interventions.

Municipality: This relationship varies. Sometimes it is merely a technical relationship through public tenders and sometimes it is more than that: we try to take an active part in shaping the city’s policies or at least in urban planning.

Advocacy / activism: We are a part of Asociacija, an NGOs’ and artists’ association that acts as an advocacy organization in Slovenia.

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