brut – Koproduktionshaus Wien

At this conference, brut is represented by Thomas Frank, Artistic Director & Business Manager.

Karlsplatz 5, 1060 Wien, Austria
Contact: Thomas Frank

cultural center (arts and other cultural activities) and performing arts center / theater
limited company (nonprofit), established in 2007 by the artistic directors Thomas Frank & Haiko Pfost

brut is a Vienna based co-producing institution focusing on experimental and innovative performing arts. Within its two venues brut im Künstlerhaus and brut im Konzerthaus, brut hosts and supports local as well as international artists and companies elaborating new positions on theatre, contemporary dance, and performance. Furthermore, brut’s comprehensive program contains lectures, readings, and what are perhaps some of the most entertaining parties and pop concerts in town.

Venue/s / resources:
The two venues, brut im Künstlerhaus and brut im Konzerthaus, make it possible to fulfill different requirements for every production.
The hall of brut im Künstlerhaus provides a black box for many different purposes. The foyer of the Künstlerhaus is used as a flexible project space for installations, video works, lectures, performances, and public talks.

brut im Künstlerhaus is an intimate theater room with ideal conditions for specific presentation and production formats. The ability to combine the foyer and the hall into one room gives the venue its special nature.

brutstätte is a rehearsal studio for productions or workshops which can also be used as an additional stage for more experimental productions and try-outs.

The bar brut deluxe in brut im Künstlerhaus, with its 50 m2, is equally a place for artistic examination and a dance floor, a hub for creative ideas, a meeting room, a venue for premieres and a meeting point at Karlsplatz. A series of events and DJ nights tailored specifically to the bar takes place on a regular basis.


Budget: more than €500,000.

Co-productions: brut operates as a competent and reliable partner to Austrian and international artists. brut productions are supported by the brut team all the way from grant applications to marketing. Production activities include content-related elaboration of artistic concepts in close co-operation with the artists, drawing up production budgets, competent professional artist support throughout the production process (stagecraft, production management, PR/marketing, dramaturgical advice, networking), and communicating and mediating productions to partner institutions and festivals. Co-productions are, however, based on public project funding, with brut contributing financial and in-kind support.

Hosting: brut produces an annual performance program including local and international co-productions, touring companies, festivals, concerts, parties, and lectures. International productions are invited in correspondence with local co-productions in order to create an interesting and challenging discourse across the program. The programs are connected thematically. brut also rents the venue to other festivals, in which cases it is not the producer of the program.

Services: brut operates as a kind of agency for its associated artists. The production office promotes brut productions to other producers and takes over the touring management on the artists’ behalf.

International collaboration: International collaborations are very important in order to provoke a vital artistic exchange in town. brut invites international artists to host workshops, designs international programs in collaboration with international partners (bilateral and multilateral), and co-produces international artists.


Participation: workshops, post-show discussions, site-specific productions in public space.

Gathering citizens: brut produces symposiums and thematic debates related to the issues raised in the artistic program.

Neighborhood: brut is located in the city centre of Vienna. The neighborhood consists not only of residents but also of other arts institutions, museums, universities, hotels, and a church. Through some of our projects, we have opened our neighbours’ doors. brut has also produced projects in other parts of the city in specific consideration of different neighborhoods.

Municipality: The city of Vienna is brut’s main sponsoring body. brut must report all its activities and finances to the municipality.

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