Blaž Peršin

[Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Slovenia]

(in sessions: Exploring Openness – Institutional Innovation & Common Resources: A Survey of Practices, pt 2, 21 Jan, 14.00 – 15.30 and A Comparative View: Cultural Institutions In Post-Yugoslav Transformations 21 Jan, 15.45 – 17.30)

Born in Ljubljana where he finished University of Law. He studied culture management and worked as freelance producer in field of contemporary art, dance and theatre. He worked as director of cultural affairs in the City of Ljubljana. From 2006 he was director of City museum Ljubljana and after, the new institution, Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, where he is now director. Last year he was commissioner of Slovenian pavilion at Venice Biennale of Architecture. He was involved in different productions in the field of art in Ljubljana and abroad.

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