Birgitta Englin

[Riksteatern – National Touring Theatre of Sweden]

(Exploring Openness – Institutional Innovation & Common Resources: A Survey of Practices, pt 3, 22 Jan, 13.45 – 15.45)

Birgitta Englin studied at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. Soon after, she started acting at various theatres in Sweden, including several title roles. Between 1996 and 2004, Ms. Englin produced and directed several plays. The plays toured, together with the young team, through marginalized and affluent neighbourhoods in Sweden. Special workshops and seminars on the topic of culture, tradition, identity and integration were provided in connection to the plays. In 2004, she was elected Chairman of the Performing Arts Equality Steering Committee in Sweden. Three years later, she was elected by the Swedish government as a member of its arts policy committee. Soon after, the government elected Ms. Englin as the Swedish representative in the jury of the 2014 European Capital of Culture. Since March 2005, she has been the executive director of Riksteatern. Ms. Englin has been awarded the Grand Swedish Theatre Critics Award, the Svenska Dagbladet Thalia Award, the Expressen Theatre Award and Swedish Radio P4’s Arts Award.

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