Post-Yugoslav Cultural Institutions

In this report, we give a short overview of some of the main ideas expressed at the panel A Comparative View: Cultural Institutions In Post-Yugoslav Transformations. For more details, please listen to the audio recordnig (link at the bottom). Mirko Petrić gave a short intro into the historical context of post-Yugoslav institutions and made a critical observation on the emerging Museumsquartier-model of cultural institutions – big in numbers but without any autonomous production. Vesna Čopič explained three processes that form the cultural institutions from the socialist period: colonization of intellectuals, deprofessionalization and depolitization of culture. Branka Ćurčić also talked about heritage from late socialism in cultural institutions as well as the current trends of festivalization of culture in Novi Sad. Andrea Zlatar explained the unfair relation between the independent cultural sector and public cultural institutions. Suzana Milevska gave an insight into the current Macedonian cultural policy introducing a historicist monumentalism imposing history that never was.

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